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Love immortal
Thomais Petrali
Kostas F. Papakonstantinou

Αthens, 2005
96 pages
Dimensions 23x24 cm
ISBN 960-88141-3-8

Love immortal


Love... an inexhaustible source of power and inspiration!


At times it guides us wantedly or not to mystic routes of creation and artistic expression.


Love is Kostas Papakonstantinou's fellow-reader to a trip in search of that Greece which is fading away and as it changes through the passing of time it offers us images of exceptional beauty.


Using his photos as a vehicle, Kostas Papakonstantinou, in this book, is taking to the island of Hydra, which is situated in the south-eastern coasts of Argolida.


Hydra has been writing its own history since ancient times until nowadays, while maintaining the integrity of its traditional face.


Stone edifices with flat aspects of grey stone, standing austerely, in harmony with the plain houses and in a colour combination one could hardly imagine.


Red, ochre, brown, used daringly but they always justify the outcome, offering a special colour to every corner of the island.


Plain surfaces, strong contrasts of light and shadow, they reveal nostalgic images... cobbled paths, stone walls, tiled roofs, courtyard walls.


Each photo has a different story to narrate and there is nothing else we can do is to let our mind and soul get carried away by the patterns and colours.


The moments of everyday life take another dimension through the camera revealing all the beauty hidden in whatever is real.


Τhomais Petrali

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