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At the Gate of Krinides
Μaria Volli
Kostas F. Papakonstantinou

Αthens, 2002
96 pages
Dimensions 23x24 cm

ISBN 960-86453-6-0
At the Gate of Krinides


You filled up my glass in the scarlet colour
of the sunset.
You reeled off your tail through the wild pomegranate-trees
and oleanders.
The night silently covered the light.
For once more I renounced the sorrowful Sunday sunset.
I closed my eyes when kissed.
Would I come up innocent after that long journey
with you holding the keys?
If only I had known.
Would I believe you though?
You promised me the spring.
But we had no time to spare...
Future time...
The youth can't stand waiting...


Time passed.
Years asked for life.
I reached the big forestry mountains.
Between Falakron and Pageon, at the marketplace of Drama,
joy wrapped me in its veils.
Plain life, feasts, balls, hospitable smiles...
A Macedonian banquet with plentiful choice wines.
I sought again the secrets of life.
I learnt from the hidden sins.
I flew higher afterwards.
I flew to the place where the wind and the sun meet.
And I believed again.


Love will reap smells...
Love will be scared, will be destitute, will take revenge.
Maybe it will emigrate for the same mistakes...
And we will learn...
From its own hand...
Cold water. Wheaten bread and sweet wine...
The lips will set the pace again.
We won't waste time.
We'll raise glasses.
Will wish...
Will celebrate...
Will live...


Maria Volli

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